How to Adjust Your Grail Tee (and Keep a Great Shoulder Fit)

How to Adjust Your Grail Tee (and Keep a Great Shoulder Fit)

The "S" version of the Grail tee has a full bust adjustment built in, and it accommodates a larger bust range than the other versions of the tee. But if your measurements exceed the size chart and you still need to add more room to the bust, waist, or hips, it's a simple adjustment.

Just measure how much you need to add to each area (say, 3" to the bust), divide that measurement in half (1.5" inches added to the pattern width at the bust area), and blend the lines together for a custom fit.

In workshops where I've taught custom fitting for this pattern, some of the people needed to add several inches to the bust, waist, or hips. In every case, I advised the person not to add any extra length to the shoulders of the pattern -- and the final fit was great every time.

In ready-to-wear clothing, it can be common to see shoulders that are scaled up as the bust or waist measurements increase. But our skeletons don't change, and shoulders that are too large rarely result in a good fit.

So, unless you know you have particularly broad athletic shoulders, you probably won't need to adjust them even if you're adding extra room elsewhere.